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Products and services for lawyers, and related hypertext links.     June 5, 2002

Two Speech Recognition Programs Are Better Than One
By Jennifer Pascoe

Thanks to Custom Speech USA's SpeechMax, the days of having to choose between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM ViaVoice have come to a close. Operating on the two-heads-are-better-than-one principle, a companion application called SpeechServers runs your dictation through both NaturallySpeaking and ViaVoice. SpeechMax then compares the two results, and enables you to correct the text far more rapidly than you could when using NaturallySpeaking or ViaVoice alone. SpeechMax can display a split screen containing the transcription from each program, and you can quickly select the text from Dragon or IBM that is correct for the final version. To speed up the correction process, SpeechMax's "TurboTranscribe" technology highlights the likely errors, and enables you to playback specific portions of the original audio by simply selecting text. (Using the optional VerbatiMAX technology, you can also compare manually transcribed text to speech recognition text to generate verbatim text for automated speech training.) After correcting the text, you can send it and the accompanying audio back to SpeechServers for automated, repetitive training to further improve recognition accuracy. SpeechMax comes in four different versions (Basic, Advanced, Preferred, and Trainer). Prices start at $99 for the Basic version. Also available is the "SpeechProfessional Suite," a bundle that includes both SpeechMax and SpeechServers as well as Command!, a workflow management tool, and acWAVE, an audio file conversion utility. Learn more.

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