“We have been using acWAVE batch converter for about three years, and it works great! Since we convert over 600 audio files a day, it was very important to us to be efficient.  acWAVE has saved us about four hours of work per day over the previous method of conversion that we used.”
Programmer, Medical Transcription Company, St. Louis, MO

"I just wanted you to know how happy we are to have discovered your product, acWAVE!  We have been using your product since about 2005 to do automatic batch audio conversions for our ASP platforms, mydigitalvoice and Since installing your product, acWAVE we have processed over 1,000,000 conversions (on one server alone) without a problem. In fact, the first time we had to call for technical support was when we replaced a server and we needed a license key re-issued! Your technician was patient, listened to our problem, and reissued the license promptly without issue.  Thank you for such a great product!"
Scott D. Stuckey, ASP Product Manager,, Voice Systems, Inc., Tampa, FL

"We have used acWAVE software for about 7 years now and have been completely satisfied with it.  I would recommend your product to anyone.  Thanks."
Cheryl Dukes, QBE Insurance Group Limited, Sydney, Australia

This popular conversion software has been used by transcription companies, medical and legal offices, businesses, education, law enforcement, and government to decode Olympus, Sony, or Windows proprietary formats into .wav or .mp3.  Options include standalone, batch processor (command-line), and server versions, and Software Development Kit (SDK) for custom development.  Product includes FREE text-to-speech add-on TTSVoice™ for Microsoft and other SAPI 5.x text-to-speech systems, such as AT&T Natural Voices.

acWAVE™ is a handy audio format conversion program: 

  • Supports Windows 2000/XP2003/Vista
  • Browse function to specify input and output formats
  • Process many common audio formats, including .wav, .mp3, or .wma
  • Convert Sony, Olympus, and other proprietary formats
  • Cannot convert .wav into Sony or Olympus formats
  • May require other software for some conversions
  • Multiple editions:
  • Standalone for manual, single-to-single file conversion
  • Server for automated, single-to-single file conversion and multiple file merger*
  • Command line (batch processor) edition
  • *Server edition requires Command!™ Professional or Enterprise 

Convert many different formats:

  • .wav (Microsoft and others)
  • .mp3 (MPEG Layer-3 Encoding Audio Compression)
  • .vox (Dialogic)
  • .wma (Windows Media Audio)
  • .msv (Sony)
  • .dvf (Sony)*
  • .dss (Olympus)
  • .dss (Dictaphone)*
  • .sri (VoiceIt)*
  • .aif/aiff (Apple/Macintosh)
  • *Script available by special request
  • Contact

acWAVE may require other software for some conversions:

  • Olympus .dss
  • Dictaphone .dss
  • Sony .msv or .dvf
  • VoiceIt .sri
  • Windows .wma
  • acWAVE supports Sony recorders using:
  • Digital Voice Player 1.2 (DVP)
  • Memory Stick Editor 2.03, 2.04 (MSE)
  • Digital Voice Editor 2.12 (DVE)
  • With DVP, convert .msv for ICD-MS1
  • With MSE, convert .msv for ICD-MS1 and ICD-MS515
  • With DVE, convert .msv/.dvf for ICD-P17
  • acWAVE™ may convert .msv or .dvf from other Sony recorders
  • Use Windows Media Player distributed with acWAVE™ to convert .wma
  • Same requirements apply to PlayBax™

Multiple output options:

  • .wav
  • .mp3
  • .vox
  • .wma
  • .aif/aiff

Different .wav formats may be converted or created:

  • PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)
  • DSP (DSP Group TrueSpeech)
  • G.726 (CCITT standards G.726)
  • ADPCM (Microsoft ADPCM)
  • µlaw ( µLaw digital telephony)
  • ALF2CD (NCT ALF2 CD Audio)
  • RAW

Examples of conversion, decoding, encoding:

  • .wav to .mp3
  • .mp3 to .wma
  • .dss to .mp3
  • .dss to .wma
  • .dss to DSP (.wav)
  • .msv to .mp3
  • .msv to .wma
  • .msv to DSP (.wav)
  • .aif to .mp3
  • .mp3 to .aif
  • And many more!

TTSVoice™ Text-to-Speech --"Say It Again, Sam"™

  • Distributed with acWAVE™
  • Input text in .txt format
  • Creates .wav, .mp3, .vox., .wma, .aif audio
  • Microsoft SAPI 5.x compliant
  • Supports voice fonts for:
  • Microsoft SAPI 5.x TTS FREE
  • For American English and simplified Chinese
  • ATT Natural Voices
  • American English:  Mike, Crystal, Claire, Julia, Lauren, Ray, Mel, Rich
  • Parisian French:  Alain, Juliette
  • Spanish:  Alberto, Rosa
  • Indian English:  Anjali
  • UK English:  Charles, Audrey
  • German:  Reiner, Klara
  • NeoSpeech VoiceText
  • American English:  Kate, Paul
  • Korean:  Yumi (f), Junwoo (m)
  • Japanese: Miyu (f), Show (m)
  • Mandarin Chinese:  Mei (f), Wang (m)
  • Spanish:  Violeta (f)
  • Purchase available from NeoSpeech

The application is easy to use with a simple configuration client:

  • Specify input
  • Select output
  • Determine output file characteristics with frequency, channels, and bit rate tabs
  • Normalize audio signal as needed
  • Click Convert! button to run in standalone
  • Automatic conversion with server or batch processor (command line) versions 


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