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Single system for call-in dictation and call workflow

Turn Calls Into Action!™

"After reviewing several telephone dictation systems, we concluded that Command! Call Center provided considerably more flexibility and opportunity for integration than competing applications. For our purposes, we felt that it was an ideal product to work as a back-end, add-on telephony solution or our digital dictation and transcription solution."
Information Systems, Digital Dictation Vendor, New York City

Command!™ Call Center PhoneCop™ supports call management with caller ID, two-way call recording, and call transfer (call forwarding).  The call center's  CallDictate™ features telephone dictation, voice mail, and informational announcements, and may be purchased separately.  A complete PC solution CallStation™, and Command! software development kit (SDK) for  telephony-related workflows are also available.  

Command!™ Call Center includes:

Call Distribution:

  • Call tracking, identification, and management  with caller ID
  • Identify incoming calls by caller ID
  • Send messages on LAN with caller ID and personal name or business
  • Call status displayed in window visible on PC monitor
  • Obtain information from contact manager such as ACT!, Outlook Express
  • After call answered, user clicks on single button to modify status
  • Call status modified in display table
  • Use with medical, legal, insurance, accounting, and other offices

Line Tap:

  • Record calls from clients, customers, or other two-way conversations
  • Powerful tool for customer relations management or other documentation

Call Transfer:

  • Transfer calls to operator, home or other office, cell phone, pager
  • Call routing for the small or large office

Telephone Dictation:

  • Dictate from home, remote office, or on-the-road
  • Route dictation audio on local area network or across internet
  • Send for processing by manual transcription or speech recognition
  • Access previous dictation using job ID

Informational Announcements:

  • Customize informational announcements and voice prompts
  • Record prompts with your voice, professional voice talent, or text-to-speech
  • Supports announcements in English and foreign languages

Voice Mail:

  • Restrict box holder access to play/delete messages and change prompts 
  • Route messages to persons or departments
  • Send messages on local area network or across internet

Line Licenses and Telephony Card included*:

  • Applies to Command! Call Center
  • Includes PhoneCop™ + CallDictate™
  • Intel (Dialogic) D/41JCT LS 4-port telephony card or equivalent
  • 2 line licenses
  • *Software solution only with no telephony card/no line license available
  • *Line license for software solution may be separately purchased
  • *Software solution only not supported

CallDictate™ available for separate purchase and features:

CallStation™ best-value PC solution includes:

  • Command!™ Call Center. telephony card w/bridging +2 line licenses
  • Telephone dictation only with CallDictate™ available--contact info
  • Minimum features for PC solutions described below
  • Pentium IV 2.0 GHz CPU or equivalent
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Drive
  • 56K modem
  • Network card
  • Keyboard, mouse, monitor not included
  • Windows XP
  • Contact Custom Speech USA™ for lease information

Other Add-ons:

These telephony solutions use Dialogic telephony boards and Windows OS:

  • Intel (Dialogic) D/4PCI, D/41EPCI, D/41JCT, and VFX/PCI not supported
  • Intel (Dialogic) "U" series required
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Support only if telephony card bought from Custom Speech USA™ 

Command!™ SDK

Summary of Features

  • PhoneCop™ features marked with asterisk (*)
  • PhoneCop™ only available with purchase of CallDictate™
Command!™ Call Center CallDictate PhoneCop
Call Transfer*  
Conversion of Audio
Custom Recording
Dictation To A Command!™ Job
Execute Custom Scripts
Job Selection (Select Criteria)
Line Tap*    
PhoneCop™ Notifications*  
Ring Only*  

Easy-to-use controls for server:

  • Menu with File, View, and Help, and Auto-Start function
  • Tabs for Log Information, General, Features, and Line Control 

General tab--simple configuration operations:

Features tab--a "control panel": 

  • Enable or disable different centers and functions within each center
  • Separate frame available to enable operator number
  • Compatible with standard, PBX, and cellular telephone systems

Line Control--information about incoming calls:

Client user configuration dialog:

  • Configure User Name, Full Name, ID, password, and forwarding numbers
  • Create default workflows for dictation and message routing

Server Manager: 

  • Provides information about servers installed on the local computer
  • Creates event log
  • Option to automatically start on Windows login


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