Example:  Command!™ includes a simple user interface and high-level configuration tools that permit an end user to control one or more target desktop applications.  This example shows a lawyer William T. Brown dictating a legal brief with normal priority.  He can control Microsoft Sound Recorder through the Command! interface.  Using Command! buttons, the lawyer controls the target application and creates and saves a new audio file.  The lawyer saves the dictation to a particular "job" and workflow, making it easy for the transcriptionist to upload the correct audio and save the transcribed document to the correct (dictation) job number.

  • Dictating User = William T. Brown
  • Dictate activity  = CSUSA_Dictate 
  • Workflow  =  Dictate, Transcribe, and Approve (DTA Brown)
  • Workflow, target software, activity names configurable by administrator
  • Software program(s) automatically opens when user starts activity
  • Here a single program is selected--Microsoft Sound Recorder
  • Standard New Job, Select Job, and Work Queue buttons
  • Dynamically-created activity buttons appear on Command!™ window
  • For CSUSA_Dictate, these include Open wav and Save wav for dictation
  • Dictation user sends completed files ("Finish Activity As") to transcription
  • Job information includes primary field data
  • Fields: Job ID, Subject, Author, Document, Priority, Keywords, Comments
  • Document = (Legal) Brief
  • Priority = Normal (in example)
  • Set Job information as default or enter for each job
  • User opens and saves dictation files
  • Click on Command!™ "Open wav" and "Save wav" buttons
  • Command!™ controls Sound Recorder for the user!

Script Tool™ is a VBScript macro recorder for the novice or advanced programmer:

  • Configure workflows for Windows-based software applications
  • Programmers and IS personnel can use advanced scripting capabilities
  • Write scripts for API calls for common, mass-marketed software
  • Use with Word, Excel, WordPerfect, other office desktop applications
  • Extensive opportunities for product interfacing and integration
  • Examples and further information available with Command!™ SDK
  • Many scripts available FREE with Command! purchase 
  • You also don't have to be a programmer to configure Command!
  • Select activity software
  • Use the handy "Magnifying Glass" tool (lower right hand)
  • Tool extracts/stores Window title and class from the target application
  • Command! now knows what software application will be controlled
  • Decide what action you want the target software to perform
  • Select desired action from the menu
  • Options:  Keyboard, File Commands, or Special Commands
  • VBScript appears in the window below
  • You have now written programming code! (Congratulations!)
  • Use test button to activate macro you have written

PathPerfect™ workflow designer w/simple drag-and-drop interface:

  • Create workflows for standalone, local area network, or internet
  • Begin by dragging blue/yellow activity icon along the right-hand border
  • Drag into workflow window
  • Create a name for the activity, such as "CSUSA_Dictate"
  • Connect the activity to other related activities to create workflow
  • Activity (job workflow) sequence is dictate, transcribe, approve
  • In approve stage, the end user can approve or send job back for rework
  • Job information appears in the work queue for the next activity
  • After "transcribe," job information goes to "approval" work queue
  • That "job" now available for review
  • Dictate, Transcribe, Approve workflow shown below
  • Many workflow examples available FREE with Command! purchase


Configuration tools may be used to create simple or complex workflows:

  • Use workflow activities as workflow "building-blocks"
  • E.g., use CSUSA_Dictate for dictation using manual transcription
  • Also use with sever-based speech recognition
  • Create parallel, series, conditional, and other types of complex workflows
  • Workflows may contain 1 or 2 steps or hundreds or thousands
  • Activities may include automated processes
  • Create subroutines "nested" within large complex workflows
  • Nested workflows may occur at remote sites

"Take command" of workflow in your office or business today! 


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