Dictate More Productively . . .

Customizable Sound Recorder for Virtually Any Microphone

Use with Bar Code Scanner

Use CustomMike software to create a customized digital dictation system for
doctors, lawyers, journalists, businessmen, and law enforcement.  System includes
standard-feature record, play, pause, fast forward and fast rewind, insert, and overwrite. 
Use DictatePro™ for entry of dictation accession number or other identifying information
by bar code, speech recognition, or standard keyboard input. CustomMike™ is also
available with Dictation Workstation, a combo package that includes the sound
recorder and Command! workflow manager. A  Software Development Kit (SDK)
is available.


  • Microphones and foot controls from various manufacturers, including 
  • Philips SpeechMike (LFH 6164, 6173, 6174, 6184, 6264, 6284)
  • Philips SpeechMike Classic with slideswitch mechanism (6164, 6264)
  • Philips Slideswitch Microphone (LFH 6170)
  • Philips 3-position Foot Control (LFH 0210/90)
  • Philips SpeechMike with barcode scanner (LFH 5284, 5294)
  • Philips SpeechMike "II" Classic (LFH 5262, 5272), Pro (LFH 5274, 5276)
  • Acoustic Magic desktop Voice Tracker
  • Andrea Electronics and VXI headset microphones
  • Others

CustomMike™ software driver includes:

  • Software sound recorder
  • Optimized for Windows 2000/XP
  • Not compatible with Windows Media Player 11.x 
  • Record, play, stop, fast forward, fast rewind, insert, overwrite functions
  • Record with .wav formats
  • Easy calibration of microphone or foot control
  • Compress .wav with acWAVE™ audio conversion utility (not included)
  • Convert to .mp3, .wma, and compressed .wav formats such as True Speech (.dsp)


  • Permits rapid dictation job creation using bar code scanner
  • Digital dictation system with bar code scanning!
  • Also advanced scripting for dictation management
  • Use to compress and encrypt files, attach to email automatically
  • Customize name of Scan Window
  • Other scripting options available

Dictation Workstation

Advanced Help (Software Development Kit)

  • Provides documentation for most commonly used objects
  • Includes single application client license and documentation

Philips SpeechMike microphone series includes:

  • Pushbutton control in "Pro" series
  • Slideswitch in "Classic" series
  • Button control of functions
  • Noise canceling for use with speech recognition
  • Serial or USB control
  • Bar code reader (scanner models)

Philips slideswitch (LFH 6170) (discontinued) microphone includes:

  • Traditional handheld, slideswitch mechanism
  • Digital storage of files
  • Noise canceling for use with speech recognition
  • Two configurable side buttons on microphone for added functionality
  • USB compatible with game port/USB converter
  • Foot control available for hands free operation
  • Joystick control not available for use with Windows NT

CustomMike™ may be used with different microphones:

  • Multiple configuration options available
  • Sound recorder interface shown below

DictatePro™ add-in may be used with bar code scanning:

  • Designed for advanced input such as bar code
  • Determine input with scripting
  • May launch dictation job creation, email attachment with bar code
  • Use for rapid, production-oriented dictation
  • Easy entry into bar code window
  • Multiple scanning options

Various input, recording, general, and scanning options are available:


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