Use this software to create and edit macros to automate daily tasks with a programmable keypad.  Unlike voice commands in standard speech recognition programs, MacroBLASTER™ is a macro editor for a programmable keypad, bar code  device, or voice recognition.  If voice fails to activate the proper result, use keypad or bar code. 

Macros that automate daily routines can:

  • Start and exit from programs
  • Capture menu selections
  • Paste large amounts of text from clipboard into an active window
  • Open documents in their native application
  • Activate simple keyboard shortcuts
  • Retype the same word, phrase, number, or other sequence
  • Load templates
  • Execute complicated, multi-step commands
  • Avoid retyping the same word, phrase, number, or other key sequence
  • Use a single keystroke to launch simple or complex PC operations

Features of this practical macro editor include:

  • Use with a programmable keypad
  • Create a virtual keypad for speech recognition, bar code, or other keyboard input
  • Use macro script editor to create macros without being a programmer!
  • Easy configuration of physical or virtual keypad
  • Use with programmable keypads with different number of keys
  • Store macros for multiple software programs in the same layout
  • Up to 324 keys per layout!
  • Unlimited number of layouts
  • Within the same layout, combine physical keypad with "virtual" keypad

The main user interface provides a simple set of options:

  • "Running" button indicates the program is operational


Macros can be easily assigned keypad positions:

  • Select macro in left-hand window and assign to key on keypad.
  • Clicking on this key in this layout activates macro


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