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Some regularly-stocked products are sold at fixed price listed in Shopping Cart.   See Pricing.  Other pricing is variable based upon availability, and may be obtained by requesting a Sales Quote.  Indicate the product in the request.  

Acoustic Magic VoiceTracker

Alma Information Systems TexTALK MD

Andrea Headsets

AT&T Natural Voices

  • Voice fonts for text to speech in different languages¹
  • Inexpensive runtime license available for desktop use²
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Audio Storage Technologies

DeTuri Transcription Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Nuance)

  • Speech recognition software¹
  • Inexpensive runtime license available²
  • FREE copy for transcriptionist editor available³
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IBM ViaVoice

  • Speech recognition software¹
  • Inexpensive runtime license available²
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Infinity Transcriptionist Footpedal and Spectra Headset

  • Transcriptionist 3-position footpedal and headset and other dictation products
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InSync Buddy Microphones

Intel (Dialogic) Telephony Cards

Microsoft Corporation

  • FREE speech application SAPI 5.x for speech recognition and text to speech
  • Available with Windows Vista OS
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Olympus Recorders

  • Easy-to-use, pocket-sized handheld digital recorders
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Philips SpeechMike

P. I. Engineering X-Keys 

Say I Can

  • 3-volume training CDs for Dragon NaturallySpeaking
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Sennheiser Microphones

Stedman's Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker

  • Runtime license available as add-on for SpeechMax™ spellchecker
  • "High-speed medical spellchecking made easy!"
  • Nearly half a million medical, pharmaceutical, and bioscience terms
  • Terms related to diseases, treatments, medical procedures, lab tests
  • Medical and surgical equipment, eponyms, abbreviations, and acronyms
  • Covers over 60 medical specialties, 2003 edition
  • Discount price $29.95
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Trigram Technologies, Inc.


Wasp Bar Code Labeler, Scanners


¹ Server-based and real-time speech recognition available for Dragon Professional, Medical, and Legal 9, IBM ViaVoice Professional 10, and SAPI 5.x speech recognition and text to speech, including AT&T Natural Voices voice fonts.  System may run with Dragon Professional, Medical, or Legal v. or higher, but only version 9.x is supported.  System may run with IBM Professional v.8.x or higher, but only  IBM USB Pro 10.x is supported.   See above for pricing and more information.

²  Dragon and IBM speech recognition dictation-only runtimes may be purchased from Custom Speech USA only for use with the company's products.  Electronic Help manual is included with the runtime, but not voice commands, printed manual, or headset microphone.  AT&T Natural Voices voice fonts runtimes are available for use only with the company's products.   See above for pricing and more information.

³  Software must be provided by speaker and used solely to edit his/her documents.


Price, terms, specifications, and availability are subject to change without notice. Custom Speech USA, Inc. trademarks are indicated.   Other marks are the property of their respective owners.