Provides the essentials for medical and other transcription

--Good value for the money
--Converts Windows Media, Olympus DSS, and other
--Use with off-the-shelf trancriptionist foot controls
--Small "toolbar view" interface saves screen space

"I had no experience as a medical transcriptionist when I began using PlayBax about 4 years ago, but was able to start using the product almost immediately.  I have tried competing transcription software since then, but returned to PlayBax because it was much simpler.  Plus, I have gotten friendly telephone support when I switched computers and needed to reinstall. Thefact that I can speak with someone with a Midwestern accent that I can understand helps too.  During this 4-year period, my daughter, also a transcriptionist, purchased several expensive pieces of software and footpedals.  Eventually she decided to use PlayBax, because it is so simple and quick.  Unlike me, she spent a lot more money in the process." 
Medical Transcriptionist, Iron River, MI

“We used PlayBax to help our office transition from recording with tape cassettes to dictating digitally with an Olympus recorder, and sending files over the internet to home transcriptionists.   PlayBax has been easy to install and use, with virtually no downtime or interruption of service.  A simple, reliable solution, we recommend it highly.” 
Chief Physical Therapist and Manager, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Center, Crown Point, IN

Sold in this country and overseas to transcriptionists in health care, law, and
other fields, PlayBax™ is a feature-rich application that provides the "basics" for transcription.  It uses a standard serial or USB Infinity transcriptionist foot pedal with play, rewind, and fast forward positions, and can play back standard .wav and many other formats.  It can also convert over 20 audio file types, including proprietary audio formats from Olympus, Sony, and other manufacturers. The Transcription Workstation includes PlayBax™ and workflow management.

Good value, good service

Twin-speaker stereo Spectra headset with stereo plug for computer use (reg. $39.95), plus Infinity three-position USB footpedal (reg. $79) and PlayBax
(reg $79) is available for LESS THAN $149PlayBax with footpedal is available for $129.

Basic features include:

  • Play back dictation from microphone, handheld recorder, telephone
  • Use with Word or WordPerfect or other word processors
  • Playback even when focus on text editor
  • Compatible with serial port or USB footpedal
  • Keyboard and hotkey controls for most functions
  • Playback speed control slider-bar
  • Auto-return to last audio file and position played
  • Customizable rollback
  • Small screen "footprint" options
  • Won't take up much screen real-estate with this software!

PlayBax converts many proprietary audio formats:

  • .mp3 (MPEG Layer-3 Encoding Audio Compression)
  • .vox (Dialogic)
  • .wma (Windows Media Audio)
  • .msv (Sony)
  • .dss (Olympus)
  • Create conversion macros for propietary to standard .wav
  • Update your playback software as new proprietary formats are created

Different .wav formats also may be converted:

  • PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)
  • DSP (DSP Group TrueSpeech)
  • G.726 (CCITT standards G.726)
  • ADPCM (Microsoft ADPCM)
  • µlaw ( µLaw digital telephony)
  • ALF2CD (NCT ALF2 CD Audio)

Additional software may be required:

  • Olympus playback software for conversion of (.dss) files to .wav
  • Sony playback software for conversion of (.msv) files to .wav
  • .wma conversion requires Windows Media Player (WMP)*
  • WMP distributed with PlayBax™
  • Click here for details 

Transcription Workstation:

*Windows Media Player comes with Microsoft operating systems. The most recent version can be downloaded FREE from the Microsoft web site ( Before downloading, determine that the version is appropriate for your operating system. Some Windows 95 and NT systems do not support the Media Player upgrade included in PlayBax.

The Regular view has the following features: 

  • Main Menu:  File, View, Help
  • Volume Control
  • Reset (R) Button to Restore Normal Playback Rate
  • Slider Bar Playback Rate Control
  • Seek Bar--Displays Current Position, Moving Tab Along Bar Repositions Audio
  • Browse Button (...) Opens Folder to View Audio Files
  • Audio Playback Buttons
  • Progress Window--Indicates Current Position and Audio Length

Toolbar view has an even smaller footprint:


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