More than a word processor. Patented and patents-pending SpeechMax™ supports dictation, transcription, and speech recognition, plus other speech and language processing.   Designed with the inevitable growth of automated speech processing in mind, this forward-looking application is designed for use with  both manual and automated processes, such as manual transcription and speech recognition.   It includes standard formatting options, such as spell-check (including Stedman's spellchecker), macros for word expansion or other purposes, "undo" and "redo" and disaster recovery, and customizable style sheets.    What are some other features?

     Single or Multiple Windows
™ has a main application window, one or more document windows, and a separate window for text and audio annotations.  As with standard transcription, a single window can be used to transcribe or edit text using integrated playback with an off-the-shelf, USB three-position footpedal.  One or more other windows can be opened for advanced text comparison.  This feature locate errors in speech recognition text to reduce transcription time by up to 60% compared to manual transcription, compare legal documents or drafts, or synchronize one or more translations of source text. 

     Support for Speech Recognition
       With the text editor, directly open and process session files (DRA) from Dragon speech recognition software. You can also process server-based speech recognition using Dragon, IBM, and SAPI 5.x speech engines (e.g., Windows Vista and SweetSpeech™ speaker-dependent speech recognition).   Use with Professional, Medical, or Legal versions of Dragon, plus less expensive versions (e.g., Preferred or dictation-only runtime licenses) or the FREE Windows Vista speech engine.  The system also supports SAPI 5.x text to speech,
such as AT&T Natural Voices and NeoSpeech VoiceText.
     One-Of-A-Kind Features
       Create interactive, fill-in-the-blank forms with audio prompts with Talking Form™.  Use My AV Notebook™ to create audiovisual multimedia presentations with synchronized, audio-linked text pr esentations, such as audio books or sales and training presentations.  With SpeechCensor™, selectively delete text and associated audio, such as patient or client names.  A great feature to protect confidentiality and security.   See features list and features table for more information, or video demos on home page under "Seeing Is Believing."

Custom Medical Transcription Training
       Develop teaching materials that help transcriptionists in training understand and correctly use the most current medical vocabulary and apply proper elements of style.  Test a trainee's knowledge of grammar and punctuation, medical terms, health care documentation, and coding.  Integrate with Stedman's spellchecker or other spellchecker.  Use SpeechCensor™ to create delete PHI (patient health information) and create HIPAA-compliant training materials.  Export sanitized audio for playback and transcription with SpeechMax™ or standard word processors, such as Word or WordPerfect.  Teach students editing speech recognition using Dragon, IBM, Microsoft, and other speech engines.  Use advanced text compare to find errors in machine text against machine or human output.  Compare and grade text from different students using advanced text comparison techniques.  
       Easily create customized links to AHDI (formerly AAMT), MTIA, medical transcription websites, and other sources.  Access information associated to a particular word or phrase in a training document.  Launch training videos or software applications keyed to particular medical terminology, concepts, or medical coding.  Create this library of training materials for many different transcriptions covering all medical specialties.

    Telephone Dictation, Software Suites, and Development Kits
 The company provides a wide variety of products and services dictation, transcription, and speech recognition, including third-party products.  The company is a certified Microsoft partner and a Dragon NaturallySpeaking solutions provider.


Software suite including Command! workflow management (with web services and web reports), SpeechMax, SpeechServers, and desktop applications.  >> More


Includes software and telephony card for telephone dictation, voice mail, and informational announcements. PC solution available.    >> More 


Software development kit for speech recognition.  Turn all those old digital audio files and digital documents into training material for a speech user profile.   >> More