Software Suite For Digital Dictation, Transcription, Speech Recognition, Text to Speech, Forms Creation, and Structured Dictation

Supports Real-Time and Server-Based Speech Recognition

"The system is up and running and we recommend it to anyone looking for cost-effective software for server-based speech recognition."
Robert Duffy, Senior Programmer, BioMedical Informatics, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY

"We have integrated several of the Custom Speech software solutions into our Microsoft SQL: database.  The solution has been stable and effective and the support from Custom Speech has been very responsive."
David Piercy, Director, Information Services, Whiteco Industries, Merrillville, IN

The software runs as a standalone or add-on to another system.  Company has offered  Microsoft SAPI 5.x compatible SweetSpeech™, Microsoft (Vista), Dragon, and IBM speech recognition (ViaVoice no longer supported by IBM), SAPI 5.x Microsoft and ATT Natural Voices text to speech voice fonts¹, regular and runtime licenses², and FREE Dragon license for correctionist.³  The suite comes in a SpeechLite edition with only session file editor and desktop utilities.  Use as a starter kit for an office going digital.  See features table for more information.  Upgrades available for telephone dictation, PC solution, and speaker-specific voice models. 



*Includes CallDictate telephone dictation and PhoneCop™ call management

SpeechStation™ PC solution:

  • SpeechProfessional™, plus 
  • Desktop or tower PC 
  • Pentium IV 2.0 GHz CPU or equivalent
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Hard Drive
  • 56K modem
  • Network card
  • Keyboard, mouse, monitor not included
  • Windows XP/Vista 
  • CallStation™ PC telephony solution also available

See for yourself--click here for video demos


¹ Server-based and real-time speech recognition is available for Dragon Professional, Medical, and Legal 10, Dragon Preferred 10, IBM ViaVoice Professional 10, and SAPI 5.x speech recognition, e.g., this company's speaker-specific SweetSpeech™ and speech recognition included FREE with Windows Vista OS.  System also supports SAPI 5.x text to speech, including Microsoft, AT&T Natural Voices voice fonts.  System may run with Dragon Professional, Medical, or Legal v. or higher, but only version 10.x is supported.  System may run with IBM Professional v.8.x or higher, but only  IBM USB Pro 10.x is supported.   See other products for pricing and more information.
 ²  Dragon and IBM speech recognition dictation-only runtimes may be purchased from Custom Speech USA only for use with the company's products.  Electronic Help manual is included with the runtime, but not voice commands, printed manual, or headset microphone.  AT&T Natural Voices  voice fonts runtimes are available for use only with the company's products.   See other products for pricing and more information.
³ Dragon software must be provided by speaker and used solely to edit his/her documents.

Price, terms, specifications, and availability are subject to change without notice. Custom Speech USA, Inc. trademarks are indicated.   Other marks are the property of their respective owners.  Dragon and NaturallySpeaking® are licensed trademarks of Nuance® (Nuance Communications, Inc.)